Jan 8, 2008


J goes to Elephant&Castle

We meet in my house on a saturday. We arranged previously this shooting day and said we would improvise. She needed a few pics for some agency 'cause, you see, she's trying to get a new job, a new life, I could say. Starting over is always hard. All the practical things you have to care about and then all the emotions coming and going in so many different directions. The freedom and the loneliness, the excitement and the vulnerability... Anyways, J. is a dancer and have many jobs. Homeless now, almost, surfing in friend's couches, looking for a way to get a cheap flat in the expensive London. We know each other for long. She danced in one of my films like 5 years ago. Then she was my masseuse and made me discover shiatsu which I studied as well working on it for a couple of years before both went on the road. Now we met in London again. For a walk in my neighborhood. I realized it was the first time I was taking pictures around my house, my new home. and it felt really good to photograph a friend, I was getting bored of empty spaces, trees and landscapes... I only live here since September. All so new still... We started taking pictures at home but we felt the need to go out and see what could happen. We went into streets and places right next to my house which I've never been. We had many ideas together. How to get it better, what could we do more, do different? the experience of a city with a friend and a camera is much different from the one we have in our daily walks, when we are alone...

more walks soon...


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